Beyond Hadrian's Wall

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In the year 122 Ad the Roman Emperor Hadrian visited the Romance province of Britannia and inspected Rome's military status there. When there he decided that Rome needed a military zone in northern Britain in order to keep the Brigante Tribes under their rule in check and be ready to put down rebellions. Additionally, it was well reasoned that the conceived of wall would also protect Rome from barbarian invasions from the independent tribes of the Scottish highlands. Construction began right away.

In the decades that followed Rome would send a number of expeditions north of the wall in an attempt to subjugate the remainder of the island. The Caledonian tribes of northern Scotland proved challenging to conquer and the hills and mountains of Scotland proved a challenging terrain for the Roman Legions to campaign in.

In this game 2-4 players will compete for dominance of Scotland. One of these players will always be the Romans. The other players will assume control of one or more of the major Caledonian tribes. Rome must conquer all of Scotland to win. The Caledonian tribes must work together, in part, to confront the mighty power of Rome, but should Rome be defeated, only one tribe can emmerge as the victor and warfare with the other tribes is a long tradition easily predating Rome's arrival in Britannia.



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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Gordon Stewart 4 4 4 I was surprised it was B/W; not the 2nd edition in color on BGG. 2/2/12
JOSE DINIZ 9 6 7 good and quick game.
Ezio Flavio 5 7 6 Not played yet
Mike Dundas 9 9 9 An essential addition to ancient warfare, especially if you're Scottish!
Jeff Hubbard 9 7 8

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