F*ck This!

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Game System: F*ck This!

Players: 2+


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* * Parental Advisory: Mature Content.

F*ck This!

The rudest sort of card game you've ever played. Players get points by creating and completing more profane, obscene, blasphemous or scatalogical phrases than the other players (open image in new window for a better look).

It's sure to offend you, but you'll also laugh your ass off.

This game has no redeeming features, will corrupt our youth, and contribute to the decline and fall of Western civilization.

F*ck This! is 4 pages of rules and 125 cards, and takes about half an hour to an hour to play, depending on how many players there are and how much alcohol they have consumed. You'll also have to get some laser or inkjet business card sheets to print it off on.


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