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Welcome to “BRIGADIER GENERAL” , first edition. Our game allows you to create Regiment & Brigade level battles with wargame miniatures. Think of yourself as a Colonel or Brigadier General and that your concern is not so much what individual weapons or tactics a unit has but what its function is within your command.

It is assumed that you are a solo wargamer and that most of the terms in our book will already be familiar to you. Our goal with Brigadier General was to provide a fun and simple game with the ability to cover battles both real and imagined from 1931 to 1958. This is not a complicated game to produce historical results, but rather a simple game with a World War II setting . Remember when reading as well playing our game, to look upon them from the viewpoint of a solo wargamer.

We do not define ground & time scales in our games, instead we opt for what feels right on the table. Brigadier General uses blocks of troops which we call elements vice individual soldiers. Normally elements of troops in Brigadier General equate to a military company or depending on the game/scenario sometimes a battalion. However they can be scaled to suit any battle. Given the constraints in game, each player force would approximate a brigade, combat command or regimental team, hence our game’s name.


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