Final Lunge: Typhoon at the Gates of Moscow, Nov., 1941

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Perry Moore

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Final Lunge depicts the German operation, Typhoon, to assault Moscow from mid-November to Dec. this was the last lunge to continue an epic event that had started in June, 1941. At one point, in early October, it actually seemed possible to reach Moscow before the winter because there was little to halt them. That chance was wasted and the weather turned against Hitler’s forces. By the time this game takes place, both sides were like mighty but weakened warriors. The German strengths on average had been reduced by 50%- a division was now only a regi-ment in strength. Panzer divisions were lucky to have 50 operational tanks. The Russians were no better off, they simply had more weak units to toss in the way, Weather made the fighting bitter and the Ger-mans did not have winter clothing. Fuel and ammo Corps’ depots fre-quently had only enough for one division on a limited basis, not 3-4 divisions, which was the norm.


8 page rules
1 11x17" map
234 counters
1 player aid


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