Blasters & Bulkheads 2nd Edition

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Price: $ 9.95

File Type: pdf

File Size: 8 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 115

Game System: GoalSystem

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Scott Pyle

demo: No demo available


Blasters & Bulkheads (B&B) provides rules and scenarios for playing skirmish games in a science fiction universe of exploration, adventure, and cosmic mysticism. The genre these rules strive to emulate has been called “Space Opera,” but could also be characterized as Science-Fantasy, Space-Fantasy, or even Techno-Fantasy. This fast-moving genre makes an ideal setting for a skirmish miniature battle game.

Skirmish games allow players to do battle on the tabletop using small groups of miniatures and empower players to tell a collective story with their characters as the central players.

As a skirmish game, B&B requires only a handful of miniatures per side. At most, a player might field a band of four to five heroes and perhaps 15 - 20
henchmen or minions. Players form these henchmen into groups, or units, which operate as one miniature, and make managing them very easy.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Dafydd Gwynedd 10 8 8
Jon Woodland 10 8 9 This game is easy to pick up and gives a very quick, cinematic feeling to our Star Wars battles. The rules cover everything you need for nearly any sci-fi skirmish, focuses on heroes than squads. Some typos, no summary pages. Worth the price.
Aaron Morneau 10 8 9 Excellent system for those who love to create their own mythos and campaing as well as characters and warbands
Scott Nelson 8 9 8 Neat system
Ricardo Nakamura 10 10 10 Great book. Simple rules, good presentation, clear writing. The rules are consistent with the "space opera" theme. The henchmen system is great to allow heroes fighting lots of opponents without bogging the game down.
Tom Reed 8 8 8 Another Goal System game. This one set in the scifi genre. A nice set of rules.
Christopher Gibson 8 8 8 Well presented rules which seem to cover the bases I wanted covered, still to thoroughly test the mechanisms
Michael Schroeder 9 5 9 Great update to a great game.
Nicholas Easterday 10 9 10 Great update to a great system. Really modular in unit building, pretty easy to convert to any background/universe you want. runs quickly and smoothly, great for narrative play. kicks line-em up shoot-em down style games to the curb.

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