Milne Bay

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Peter Schutze

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The Battle of Milne Bay (25 August – 7 September 1942), also known as Operation RE by the Japanese

Defeated at sea in the battle of the Coral Sea and distracted by the US landings on Guadacanal, the Japanese High Command was forced to change its plans for New Guinea. Having diverted the allocated Army regiment to Guadacanal, it fell to the Navy to gather a scratch force to capture the ‘lightly defended’ airfield on the eastern tip of New Guinea. Unfortunately for Japanese plans, these delays allowed Australia to not only finish assembling a brigade of militia during July but also to rush a veteran AIF brigade there shortly before the landings commenced.

8 Page rules booklet
1 Player aid sheet
1 8.5 x 11" map
88 Counters


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Stephan Roullot 7 7 7
James C. Herrington 9 9 8 Interesting little battle that can be enjoyed in one sitting

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