Steel And Resolve: WW1 Naval Combat

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"Steel and Resolve: WW1" is part of our Naval Warfare series of next generation comprehensive naval wargames covering entire time periods of naval combat. Easy to learn yet fun to play and detailed for the scale represented thus giving quality combat results. "Steel and Resolve" is designed to cover many of the major navies that fought during WW1 and includes submarines, seaplane carriers, aircraft, airships, dreadnoughts, pre-dreadnoughts, battlecruisers, armored cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers, coastal batteries, land units, and much more! User printable data/record sheets show the combat details of each individual class of ship, sub, and aircraft, each with a side view graphic. Solitaire and multiplayer rules are included.

This is a significant revision of our original 'NW:WW1' game, and adds additional details and rules to the system (including floatation loss and individualized weapon data). The Rules are modular, allowing for Basic, Advanced, and Optional/Expanded rules systems that you can choose to use or not as you wish.

Features include:

* Countries included: Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, and Austria-Hungary
* Detailed yet streamlined and easy to follow combat mechanics including basic, advanced, optional, and solitaire rules.
* Data/record sheets covering 200 ship classes (including merchants, raiders, and transports), 36 aircraft/airship types, 30 submarine classes, 12 types of land units.
* Each printable Data/Record Sheet contains the combat statistics for the unit, condensed combat tables to help during combat, a side view of the unit, with logs for ammunition/damage records for 7 ships/subs or aircraft flights pre-printed on each sheet.
* 60 page Rules Manual with 20 scenarios, including the full Battle of Jutland!
* 6 Color maps 11" x 17", a color combat matrix, and 280 1/2" color counters.
* Search Matrix, 2 Play Sequence charts and 5 color reference charts.
* 4 six-sided dice required.
* Semi-historical Campaigns covering the North, Baltic, and Mediterranean Seas.
* Tactical and Operational battles covering surface combat, seaplane carriers, convoys, submarines, aircraft, amphibious operations, bombardments, etc..
* Combat examples included for easy understanding of how the rules work during game play as well as condensed combat tables on each unit data/record sheet.
* Very flexible design that can be played as a board game or with miniatures.


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