Modern Naval Conflicts 1970s

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Game System: Modern Naval Conflicts

Players: 2+


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NWS: Modern Naval Conflicts Series is a NWS Team designed next generation comprehensive naval wargame covering the hypothetical major naval battles of WW3 with the ability to create unlimited custom scenarios.

Game Features: (expansions will add additional time frames, regions, navies, etc.):

* Six 11" x 17" full color maps covering over 1.5 million square nm of the GIUK naval theater.
* 25nm map hex scale and 5nm-scale tactical formation display for resolving closer range combat.
* Time frame/area for the first edition is 1970-1980 / GIUK AOA.
* Rapid fire combat resolution allowing players to handle even large naval engagements in just a few hours.
* Forces included: United States, United Kingdom, Norway and the Soviet Union.
* Detailed data sheets for 140+ ship/submarine classes, 100+ aircraft types, and 50+ land units included.
* Data covers all major classes of ships and submarines and models of aircraft for the 1970s period for the three navies covered.
* Streamlined, detailed, and easy to follow combat mechanics including basic, advanced, and optional rules.
* Full color 560 - 1/2" aircraft, ship, sub, etc. combat unit counters.
* 60 page rules manual. Over a dozen Scenarios included.
* 17 pages of color-coded Reference Tables covering all dimensions of sub, surface, aerial combat, sensors, and electronic warfare.
* Formation Displays.
* Combat examples included for easy understanding of how the rules work during game play as well as quick reference modifier charts.
* Very flexible design that can be played as a board game or with miniatures.


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