Kill the Powerplay Hockey: NHL the Early years 1917-1942

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Game System: Kill the Powerplay Hockey

Players: 2

Designer(s): Roberto Chiavini

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Kill the Powerplay Hockey is a fast resolution statistical hockey game, dedicated to various different hockey leagues or tournaments. Loosely based on my High Sticking Olympic Hockey game, this game is easy to play and ideal both as a fast way to replay an entire league in a few hours, or as a companion game for players that want to replay a single team season with a more detailed game system, but need something fast and statistically accurate to replay the rest of the season.

Each team in the game is rated for Attack, Defense, Killer Instinct (the ability to win in overtime) and my usual Third Die (a random modifier based on how good or bad the team was during the regular season; but with the advanced rules, for the first time ever in my replay series of game, I've introduced a different column for Third Die use during playoffs). With the advanced rules, you find also rating for Power Play for and Against, Power play goal percentage and penalty killing percentage (plus modified Attack and Defense column).

Complete game with rulebook and data.


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