Knighthood & The Middle Ages

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The game that started it all. This is the silver book version printed in the mid-80's.

These rules are designed for ease of play, realism and compromise as the governing factors. Knighthood covers Northwestern Europe from 750 to 1330 AD.

Knighthood offers many new game mechanics to try. The most unique is "PROXIMITY TO THE ENEMY" movement. Not just another forced march system, it represents units moving in relationship to surrounding threats. Thus allowing
the old military cliche "hurry up and wait" to take on itís real meaning.

Missile fire and combat are easy and straight to the point but not as simple as they appear. Not just another factor and flake combat system, they draw upon the fun of individual man-to-man combat while maintaining the feel of unit combat. Missile fire offers variable rates and limited ammunition, and when this is used in conjunction with a realistic reaction system makes for an exciting set of rules.

Pdf version of the rules. Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher is required

Knighthood & The Middle Ages
KATMA 4001


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