Fairfax's Revenge: The Battle of Langport 1645

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Roberto Chiavini

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The battle of Langport was a minor battle, fought in the aftermath of the New Model Army victory at Naseby, and its historical importance is as simply the confirmation of the no turning back, no resurrection for the King and his armies. The debacle suffered by Goring's army, the largest King's army still on the field at the time, was more from the morale point of view than for the number of losses, but morale counted. It was also a revenge for the Parlamentarian commander, Fairfax, for the defeat suffered by the hands of Goring a couple of years before.

5 Page Rules
11x17" map in 2 sections
140 Counters and Markers


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Richard Barber 9 7 8 Excellent addition to Roberto's longrunning series. Quite a number of them will soon be published professionally by Legion Wargames, so these dtp games are a great way to check them out beforehand.

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