Anzio: The Bloodiest Beachhead

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Designer(s): Norman Smith

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On 22nd January 1944, Allied forces landed at Anzio, a small coastal town just 30 miles south of Rome. This attack behind enemy lines, was intended to unhinge the German fortified Gustav Line.

The Germans responded quickly, containing the beachhead. The fighting was bitter, with both sides suffering high casualties. Intense artillery bombardments, water filled trenches and muddy conditions, made this battlefield a wretched place. The Allies would be on their beachhead for four long months before they were able to breakout and meet up with the rest of U.S. 5th Army.

The game represents the first six weeks of this campaign. It was a period when both sides attacked each other vigorously, looking for opportunities to break through the enemy defenses, while desperately resisting enemy advances. By the beginning of March, both sides had fought each other to a standstill.

The Anzio rules bring you differential based combat, single stacks attacking single stacks, Random Events, random strength Allied bombardments, historically based special abilities for some formations, anti tank values, bog checks for off road movement and disengagement tests when attempting to leave an enemy ZOC.

Two 8 x 10 maps
8 page rule book
4 page play book
4 page historical summary
1 counter sheet
4 Play aid cards
Design notes

Players will need to supply a six sided die

Complexity - 4
Playing time - 2 to 3 hours
Players - 1 or 2
Solitaire fine


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
thomas damico 9 9 9 Game is easy to play; good rules
JEREMY WARD 10 10 10 Another nice one from Norm, a great package.
Alessandro Zin 8 8 8 Very good game. Hope to see others with the same system.
Gunther Bellows 8 5 5 Reminds me of the old S&T #29 classic , short, shrp and fun
Dave Grossmith 9 7 8 This is a fun game and I really liked the design of the system and it is a great little game well worth the money. The map and counter graphics are simple but functional and it plays well solo.

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