Defend & Destroy: The Last SS Victory, August 1944

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Pages in main/rules file: 8

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Perry Moore

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Defend & Destroy depicts the last panzer victory a few miles east of Warsaw in 1944, where the Russian 3rd Tank Corpsí was ripped apart by the withdrawing panzers, who themselves sought to avoid being trapped by the Russian tsunami. It happened at the precise right time after the 3rd Tank Corpsí had spearheaded the advance towards the city. It seemed that the withdrawing SS units further east would themselves be trapped. The problem was that the Russian tank corpsí were so far ahead of most others when the withdrawing and still potent SS units arrived from the east. Then, seeing opportunity, the 19th Panzer and HG divisionís arrived from the north as did the 4th Panzer. It was like 1941 again as the hunter (the Russian) became the prey just east of Warsaw in August 1944.

8 Page Rulebook
1 11 x 17" Maps
400+ Counters and Markers
2 Page Player Aid

* * Revised Dec 2013


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Colling Rory 10 10 10 Nice, smal, l easy game for a quickie!

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