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ACW Solitaire
1 hour strategic solo wargame of the entire American Civil War 1861-65

Plays out historically. Good fun for an hour. Well worth the asking price
Barbarossa Solitaire
Solitaire game of the struggle between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front

Solid rules and an interesting game. Plenty to play with, willl make my own map and counters in due course.
Re-Route: The Marching Season Game
Amusing 3 player game covering the annual Orange Marches and Riots in contemporary Northern Ireland

Fun little game...quite different from most wargames
Solitaire Caesar
Can you lead the Roman Legions to victory and defend the empire from Barbarian attacks?

Simple game - that plays really well. The new map is very welcome.
Vietnam Solitaire
Solitaire fast-play game of the struggle for South Vietnam 1963-1975

Components are nothing special, but gameplay is fantastic: The game manages to simulate both the political and military aspects of the war. Rules are easy to learn, but the game itself is hard to beat. A real steal for the price.

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