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1862 - 21 - Chantilly (American Civil War in 3D)
Jackson leads an outflanking force against the Union Army

Good price for a good game
$2.95 Sale
1862 - 21P - Northern Virginia Campaign Pack (American Civil War in 3D)
3 battles from the Northern Virginia Campaign

$7.95 Sale
1862 - 22 - Harpers Ferry (American Civil War in 3D)
Confederates must capture Harpers Ferry and disperse the Union forces

$2.95 Sale
1862 - 23 - South Mountain (American Civil War in 3D)
General George B McClellan sent the Union Army to attack the Confederate Army at the passes of South Mountain

$2.95 Sale
1888 Peral Submarine 1/48
Paper Model of 1888 Peral Submarine in 1/48 scale

1st Newbury
Fast and furious see-saw battle during the English Civil War

At this price, this little gem is a steal. It has a 11x 17 inch map and around 50 combat units. Fun and fast with optional rules for command range and facing. If you liked Edgehill or Naseby, what are you waiting for? Buy this game.


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