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Rules for single figure combat 1780 to 1880
Review - Very detailed, more than most will want in a skirmish game, but very well done
$4.95 Sale
Somewhere far beyond: Prairie Grove 1862
ACW battle fought on 7th December 1862, over the hills of Arkansas
Song of Drums and Shakos
Napoleonic skirmish game based on the popular *Song of Blades and Heroes* mechanics. WINNER BEST HISTORICAL RULES AT ORIGINS 2009
Review - Enjoyable system with handful figures and small playing area, very suitable for my room.
Song of Drums and Shakos (Italian)
Napoleonic skirmish game based on the popular *Song of Blades and Heroes* mechanics
Review - excellent product
Souls of the Brave: the Epic of the Alamo
Solo game of the Alamo
Sound the Charge, into Glory ride: the Battle of Pastrengo, 30th April 1848
Battle fought between the Piedmontese and the Austrian Army
Review - As always another great little game from Roberto and TCS.Hope to see many more using this nice elegant system
$4.95 Sale
Spanish Battleship Pelayo 1:200
Paper Model of Spanish Battleship Pelayo in 1:200 scale
Spanish ironclad Numancia Full-hull 1:200
Paper Model Spanish ironclad Numancia Full-hull in 1:200 scale
The Nitrate War
2-4 player strategy game covering the 19th century conflict in South America between Chile vs Peru and Bolivia
Review - excellent introdutory wargame.
The Steamer Winans 1:120
Paper Model The Steamer Winans in 1:120 scale
Time Twist The Board Game
A game of plotting, stealing and time travel
USS Tecumseh 1:200
paper model USS Tecumseh Paper Model in 1:200 scale
VBAM: Fire As She Bears! Edition
stand-alone product contains everything you need to re-fight the great naval campaigns that shaped the face of the world
Review - A good product you can use for any Age of Sail game. I especially liked the prevailing wind indicators on the maps.
Vectis 3rd Edition
Fictional campaign from the Napoleonic Wars: a French invasion of England's Isle of Wight
Review - A interesting Alternate History subject. so far it's a nice game.
$3.30 Sale
Vinegar Hill: Castle Hill district, New South Wales Colony (Australia), March 5, 1804
Trouble with convicts on several occasions in Australia’s early history
Company Level Rules for the American Civil War
Review - Simple, innovative and inexpensive!


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