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Jules Verne Nautilus 1:100
Paper model Jules Verne Nautilus in 1:100 scale

Lee at Gettysburg: The Battle for Cemetery Ridge - Gold
ACW - the battle for Cemetary Ridge at Gettysburg

Little, Little Bighorn, scenario for Fistful of Lead
Scenario for Fistful of Lead

Montebello - First Step to Freedom
The May 1859 clash between the French-Piedmontese army and the Austrian army

The rules and overall system is well thought out. Great scale and value as a topic. The map is an outstanding piece of work.
More Drums & Shakos
A supplement for the Napoleonic skirmish game Song of Drums and Shakos

Great, I got this for the Wurttemberger list but will now end up recruiting Spanish guerrillas!
Napoleonic Symbols
Napoleonic Symbols Font

Excellent until I tried to use them on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Worked fine on 10.4 but don't show up properly on 10.5 :-( Strangely, the Free version from Tom's site is okay on 10.5. Any thoughts?
Napoleonic, PAPER ARMIES - Austrians
Top down full color view of Napoleonic Austrians figures

Napoleonic, PAPER ARMIES - British
Top down full color view of Napoleonic British figures

Great download, just what I was looking for to make some conter bases for the Bllack Powder rules, they needed a little work, but the set is an excellent resource. Very useful, many thanks, A.
Napoleonic, PAPER ARMIES - French
Top down full color view of Napoleonic French figures

Top down view photos of actual miniatures. Not optimised for printing thus not very clear from my home printer but perfectly servicable.
Prussia Rising
A game on the Franco Prussian War

Beautifully drawn maps. The rules need some clarification in parts but I believe the author will be updating it soon.
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