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Chaos in Carpathia
Fast-paced skirmish-level game of clashes between men and monsters in the Victorian era

Great little ruleset - well produced - easy and fun to play. Recommended
Chaos on Cronos
Miniatures game of Pulp Science Fiction

Read through but not played yet. Dealer service excellent
Clash of Steel Universal Tabletop Miniature Ruleset v2
Any type of 25mm or 28mm miniatures can be used with these rules

Rules for combat using bladed weapons

Very detailed, but if you're a hard-core wargamer you'll love it!
$4.95 Sale
Combat: 1948 Arab Israeli War
15mm rules for battles of the 1948 Arab-Israeli Wars

Combat: American Civil War
Simple, fast play ACW 15mm miniature wargame rules.

Combat: WWII
15mm World War II Miniature Wargame Rules



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