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Dark Continent
Players take on the role rival European based powers that are expanding their influence and control of Africa

Debacle at Powder River, Sept 1865
The Powder River campaign of 1865 had only one purpose: to search and then destroy Indians, wherever found

Drums & Shakos Large Battles
Rules for Divisional level battles of the Napoleonic Period

Some brilliant ideas in this, lots of food for thought.
Eureka Stockade
Ballarat Goldfields, colony of Victoria, Australia Sunday, December 3, 1854

Well worth the money--if only I enjoyed mounting counters more than I do!
Fistful of Lead: Reloaded
Quick set of wargame rules for gunfghts in the Wild West.

This game is a lot of fun. Very uncomplicated, but it plays well, and gives a good feel for an old west gunfight. My first game was with someone elses rulebook, and I enjoyed it so much that I went and bought my own copy.
For a Fistful More: Scenarios for Fistful of Lead
Scenarios for Fistful of Lead

fast and furious game !
I Obey: the Campaign of Bezzecca 1866
Game on Garibaldi campaign over the Alps during the initial and central phases of the Third Italian War of Independence

Good game on this small campain; easy, not long and very enjoyable to play. The system is very well crafted, I hope it will be used for some other games. Map and tokens are very nice but a little small. Defintely woth buying during the 6$ sale.
$5.95 Sale
Innocence lost: the Battle of Bull Run
Fast and furious game of the first battle of Bull Run

Beautiful to look at. Rules are straightfoward. Looking forward to playing.
$5.95 Sale
Italy Awakes: The Birth of a Nation 1848-1859
Simulation of the Italian Wars for Independence



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