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Dark Continent
Players take on the role rival European based powers that are expanding their influence and control of Africa
Debacle at Powder River, Sept 1865
The Powder River campaign of 1865 had only one purpose: to search and then destroy Indians, wherever found
Drums & Shakos Large Battles
Rules for Divisional level battles of the Napoleonic Period
Review - Some brilliant ideas in this, lots of food for thought.
Eureka Stockade
Ballarat Goldfields, colony of Victoria, Australia Sunday, December 3, 1854
Review - Well worth the money--if only I enjoyed mounting counters more than I do!
Fistful of Lead: Reloaded
Quick set of wargame rules for gunfghts in the Wild West.
Review - A great update to a great game.
For a Fistful More: Scenarios for Fistful of Lead
Scenarios for Fistful of Lead
Review - fast and furious game !
I Obey: the Campaign of Bezzecca 1866
Game on Garibaldi campaign over the Alps during the initial and central phases of the Third Italian War of Independence
Review - Good game on this small campain; easy, not long and very enjoyable to play. The system is very well crafted, I hope it will be used for some other games. Map and tokens are very nice but a little small. Defintely woth buying during the 6$ sale.
$5.95 Sale
Innocence lost: the Battle of Bull Run
Fast and furious game of the first battle of Bull Run
Review - The rules have holes and require you to do some research to understand fully. Absolutely beautiful map. Somewhat difficult to print since it was designed on A4 paper. Counters beautiful as well, but somewhat busy. Missing Richardson counter.
$5.95 Sale
Italy Awakes: The Birth of a Nation 1848-1859
Simulation of the Italian Wars for Independence
Jules Verne Nautilus 1:100
Paper model Jules Verne Nautilus in 1:100 scale
Lee at Gettysburg: The Battle for Cemetery Ridge - Gold
ACW - the battle for Cemetary Ridge at Gettysburg
Little, Little Bighorn, scenario for Fistful of Lead
Scenario for Fistful of Lead
Montebello - First Step to Freedom
The May 1859 clash between the French-Piedmontese army and the Austrian army
Review - The rules and overall system is well thought out. Great scale and value as a topic. The map is an outstanding piece of work.
More Drums & Shakos
A supplement for the Napoleonic skirmish game Song of Drums and Shakos
Review - Great, I got this for the Wurttemberger list but will now end up recruiting Spanish guerrillas!
Napoleonic Symbols
Napoleonic Symbols Font
Review - Excellent until I tried to use them on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Worked fine on 10.4 but don't show up properly on 10.5 :-( Strangely, the Free version from Tom's site is okay on 10.5. Any thoughts?
Napoleonic, PAPER ARMIES - Austrians
Top down full color view of Napoleonic Austrians figures
Napoleonic, PAPER ARMIES - British
Top down full color view of Napoleonic British figures
Review - Great download, just what I was looking for to make some conter bases for the Bllack Powder rules, they needed a little work, but the set is an excellent resource. Very useful, many thanks, A.
Napoleonic, PAPER ARMIES - French
Top down full color view of Napoleonic French figures
Review - Top down view photos of actual miniatures. Not optimised for printing thus not very clear from my home printer but perfectly servicable.
Prussia Rising
A game on the Franco Prussian War
Review - An impressive game with professional quality counters and map. The rules could have been clearer and benefits from downloading another translation.
$6.95 Sale
Riachuelo´s Naval Battle
Riverine naval battle during the War of the Triple Alliance
Review - Very good product that let's you game a mostly unknown battle.
Sauve Qui Peut
Napoleonics miniatures rules
$2.00 Sale
Ship of the Line
Classic sea battles of the age of fighting sail
Review - livre de qualité téléchargement sans problèmes
Six Gun Assassins
Western Miniatures Game
Review - good products


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