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Avalon Hill`s B-17 Queen of the Skies Player's Guide - The Boardgamer
Unofficial Player Guide for Avalon Hill`s B-17
$7.99 Sale
Battles of the Middle Ages: Arsuf
One of the most peculiar battles of the Crusade period
$3.95 Sale
Battles of the Middle Ages: Blonde he was and beautiful - Benevento, 1266 AD and Tagliacozzo, 1268 AD
The last battles of the Ghibellin party against the Pope
Review - Neat system for quick & fun games. Hex sides are hard to see even in good light
$3.95 Sale
Battles of the Middle Ages: Lake Peipus
The most famous battle fought in the Baltic States, immortalized by Eisenstein Alexander Nevskji
Review - Quite a few grammatical and typographical errors, but not enough to be confusing.
$3.95 Sale
Battles of the Middle Ages: Marchfeld 1278
One of the most decisive battle of medieval times for the history of Central Europe
$3.95 Sale
Battleships Zenith: WW2 Naval Combat w/Computer Assistance
Naval rules for miniatures or board game hex based tactical naval combat covering from 1930-1945
$14.99 Sale
Birth of A Nation American Civil War Rules
Medium to large scale rules for the American Civil War
Review - Very happy with the service
$3.95 Sale
Black Water Navies
Sci-Fi ship combat and campaign system
Review - The rules seem tight and offer some detailed game play. More suited to single ship or small group combat, although larger fleets are easily handled if you have the time. Good back story, with a huge range of pre-configured ships available.
$5.95 Sale
Black Water Navies: Campaign #1, Where Are We
Campaign featuring boarding actions for Black Water Navies
$4.95 Sale
Black Water Navies: Campaign #2, The Worm Hole
Campaign for Black Water Navies
$4.95 Sale
Black Water Navies: The Other Side
An advanced sequel for Black Water Navies
$4.95 Sale
Blue Water Navies
Rules for all aspects of naval warfare from 1910 to 1945.
Review - Good basic miniature rules, more stats for predreadnoughts would have been helpful. Overall very satisfied
$5.00 Sale
Blue Water Navies - Sink The Bismarck
The balance of the war hangs in the outcome
$5.00 Sale
Bohemian Rhapsody: The Battles of Wimpfen and Hochst
battles of Wimpfen and Hochst of the 30 Years War
Review - Great subject matter - looking forward to further 30 Years War battles in the series..
$3.95 Sale
Boom The Card Game
Players try to avoid a Bomb that could explode at any moment
Review - Fun little family game. Kids like to bring it out now and then. I added a few cards to make it a bit more cut-throat. Made it more like Hex-Hex the card game.
$0.00 Sale
Brown Water Navies - The Chattahoochee Express
Scenario for Brown Water Navies
Review - Good expansion,for a great game, Interesting What If; at home, in Florida
$2.00 Sale
Brown Water Navies Deluxe
Naval warfare during the American Civil War
Review - Great game, good detail, very clear, excellent counters but could easily coonvert to miniatures
$12.95 Sale
Brown Water Subs
Command of one of the five subs during the ACW
Review - Very short simulation of ACW sub navigation. Fun, but limited replay value.
$2.00 Sale
Central Lanes Athletics/Higher Faster Longer Athletics: Early Olympic (1896-1932)
Expansion set for Inside Lane Athletics and Higher Faster Longer
$5.00 Sale
Central Lanes Olympic Swimming Pack I
Expansion set for Central Lanes Swimming
$7.00 Sale
Central Lanes Swimming
A statistical replay game on Swimming competitions
$5.00 Sale
Chequered Flag: Indycar Racing
A fast resolution semi-statistical replay game, based on Indy racing
$8.00 Sale
Christmas in Hell: the Battle for Ortona, December 1943
Solo game on the final days of the battle of Ortona
$6.95 Sale


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