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Big Bang Ricochet 032: Russia's BTR-70 APC
War machine forged in the crucible of warfare in Afghanistan

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Big Bang Ricochet 033: USMC Shadow RST-V
First wheeled hybrid electric drive military vehicle the U.S. has fielded in a combat zone

Big Bang Ricochet 034: Brazil's Engesa EE-VAR
A 4x2 light military vehicle of the dune buggy persuasion

Big Bang Ricochet 035: Vickers Wasp RDV
Light airportable vehicle is designed for quick insertion into an operations area

Big Bang Ricochet 036: Brazil's Osorio MBT
Inexpensive alternative to vehicles like the M1 Abrams, Leopard 2, Challenger 2

Big Bang Ricochet 037: Ferrari F333E Lizard
Odd little vehicle at least a decade ahead of its time

Big Bang Ricochet 038: FN 4RM/62F AB Armored Car
Simple armored vehicle

Big Bang Ricochet 039: Germany’s HS-30 IFV
World’s first Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Big Bang Ricochet 040: The Caracal RDLV
Air transportable system under review by the British military

Big Bang Ricochet 044: Austria’s Haflinger Light Vehicle
Austrian military’s equivalent of a Jeep



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