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1/72 SU 122 in winter camouflage
Paper model

1/72 Tiger II in Ambush camouflage
Paper model

1/72 Tiger II in Tri-color camouflage
Paper model

1/72 Tiger II in Winter camouflage
Paper model

1/72 US Truck and 105mm Howitzer in Green Finish
Paper model

2nd Alemein
The turning point in the desert, October 1941

Good value and good components. I'm not yet convinced by the combat rules.
Act With Daring: France 1940 Scenario Book
WWII skirmish scenario book covering the opening days of the Blitzkrieg in France 1940

just what we were looking for for our early war games and easy to adapt to RF2
ACTION FRONT! Watchtower
Puts you in command of three pivotal actions in this campaign that eventually decided the course of the war in the Pacific.

good game for a good price !
Angels Two-Zero
Simulate the air to air battles of World War II from the European Air War to the Pacific campaigns

Not much to look at, but a simple and fun easy to play game.
Anzio: The Bloodiest Beachhead
the first six weeks of the Anzio campaign

This is a fun game and I really liked the design of the system and it is a great little game well worth the money. The map and counter graphics are simple but functional and it plays well solo.


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