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Big Bang Ricochet 039: Germany’s HS-30 IFV
World’s first Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Big Bang Ricochet 040: The Caracal RDLV
Air transportable system under review by the British military

Big Bang Ricochet 044: Austria’s Haflinger Light Vehicle
Austrian military’s equivalent of a Jeep

Big Bang Ricochet 100: Japan's Type 94 Tankette
Lightly armored machine gun carrier which was one of Japan's earliest armored vehicles

Big Bang Ricochet 101: Argentina’s DL 43 Nahuel Tank
Argentina built the first armored military vehicle to be designed indigenously in South America

Big Bang Special Edition: War in Iraq
Weapon listings for over 125 small arms

Big Bang Volume 01
Details and statistics for over 100 firearms

Big Bang Volume 02
Provides historical and technical information about nearly 100 weapons

Big Bang Volume 03: Future Combat Systems
Over 30 Future Combat Systems

Big Bang Volume 04: Rifles of the European Armies
Detailing a number of weapons used around the world between 1870 and 1890



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