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iA image set 3
A set of 112 images of peacekeepers, irregulars and terrorists for Infinite Armies

Image set 2 for Infinite Armies
Set of 170 images of modern US military power, formatted and sized for Infinite Armies cards

Infinite Armies
design-your-own-army card game that lets you customize everything

Life in the year 2894CE for EABA

The space combat game for people who aren't rocket scientists and who don't have an aerospace budget...but still want a realistic game.

Excellent quality work, I have still to play it. Side note: no Newtonian movement :(
EABA-based design tool that lets you design just about anything you need for any campaign

The Colonies v1.1(EABA)
French Resistance-style background, but make it world-wide and high-tech

Ythrek v1.1(EABA)
2 short adventures to give you a head-start into the Byzantine politics all Ythrek adventurers will have to deal with



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