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WWII Aircraft
WWII Aircraft fonts

Far superior to the shareware versions, as they provide better quality silhouettes, as well as left-hand, right-hand, and top-down images.
WWII German Map Marking
WWII German Map Marking Font

WWII Soldiers
WWII Soldiers font

A very good font with very detailed figures. For 10$ for a commercial license, it's a steal!
WWII Tanks
WWII Tanks font

The font is very well done and can be scale to any standard font size. The licience agreement that comes with the download however is very restrictive to point of uselessness butauthor indicates that it can be used freely if not resold.
Part of the Battle of Smolensk during the initial period of the German-Soviet War

Ythrek v1.1(EABA)
2 short adventures to give you a head-start into the Byzantine politics all Ythrek adventurers will have to deal with

Zolfaqar's Blow: Armageddon in the Straits of Hormuz 2010
Iran attacks the US fleet using

Interesting use of tactical and operational maps to show different levels of combat. Numerous air and sea weapons systems with abstract ground combat
Zombie Rally
Non-collectible card game of zombie foot racing

Screamingly funny, very easy to play, you gotta' love it!


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