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Stalingrad for Beginners - Basic Wargame Tactical Analysis
Basic Wargame Tactical Analysis
Stalingrad for Beginners - Basic Wargame Tactical Analysis (Epub)
Basic Wargame Tactical Analysis
Storm Over Taierzhuang: Samurai Stalingrad, 1938
The Japanese are lured into a trap at Taierzhuang.
Struggle for Wake Island
Low complexity game for the battle of Wake Island 1941
Switzerland must be Conquered
A simulation of the planned assault on Switzerland by Nazi Germany
Review - Very unusal subject. Lots of good ideas swimming around in here. Lots of optional counters and many scenarios. Product needs a counter manifest.
The Aleutians Campaign
WWII in Alaska
Review - A great game about a little known side action durring WW11.
The Battle of Stalingrad Board Game
2 player strategy board game covering the epic battle between the German and Soviet forces
The Escape of the 9th Army, April 28,1945
The 9th Army became encircled and contained by Russian forces who would deal with it later
The Fall of France
Fall of France was one of the most surprising events of the war in Europe
Review - Great game
The Illusionary Fortress
A simulation of the Japanese assault on the
The Sands of Iwo Jima
Fight the battle of Iwo Jima.
Unternehmung 25: V-Mail Postcard Game #2
The 1941 Axis invasion of Yugoslavia
Review - Muy interesante aunque no soy un gran jugador de wargames, me gsuto.
White Star Rising: Operation Cobra
An expansion for the game White Star Rising
WWII Aircraft
WWII Aircraft fonts
Review - Far superior to the shareware versions, as they provide better quality silhouettes, as well as left-hand, right-hand, and top-down images.
WWII German Map Marking
WWII German Map Marking Font
WWII Soldiers
WWII Soldiers font
Review - A very good font with very detailed figures. For 10$ for a commercial license, it's a steal!
WWII Tanks
WWII Tanks font
Review - The font is very well done and can be scale to any standard font size. The licience agreement that comes with the download however is very restrictive to point of uselessness butauthor indicates that it can be used freely if not resold.
Part of the Battle of Smolensk during the initial period of the German-Soviet War


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