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Starfight - Expansion Pack IV: Death Cube
Mighty doomsday machine called the Death Cube, for Starfight

Starfight - Expansion Pack V: Ships
Four new ships, and new weapon type for the game Starfight

The best cloaking device rules I've seen.
Starfight - Mohrg Empire Captains
Adds Mohrg Empire Captains to your Starfight games

Starfight - Star Captains
Add a captain and a crew for your Starfight ships

Starforce Command
Planetary Ground Combat Wargames Rules for micro scale models or counters

$2.95 Sale
Starmada X: Brigade
The Universal Game of Starship Combat

nice rules system and a good overview of Brigade's starship miniatures
Starmada: The Admiralty Edition Core Rulebook
A miniatures board game of starship combat

This shows real promise. I hope to try it soon.
Steampunk Building #1
Paper Model

Steel and Glory, Dance of War and Magic, Mini-Game #56
Field small bands of warriors, who will then fight bloody engagements

Steel and Glory, Hearts of Iron, Mini-Game #58
Add new magic and characters to your Steel and Glory game



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