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Songs of Our Ancestors
a Flying Lead/Song of Blades variant

Souls of the Brave: the Epic of the Alamo
Solo game of the Alamo

Sound the Charge, into Glory ride: the Battle of Pastrengo, 30th April 1848
Battle fought between the Piedmontese and the Austrian Army

As always another great little game from Roberto and TCS.Hope to see many more using this nice elegant system
$4.95 Sale
Soviet Equipment
Soviet Equipment Font

Space Armada, Mini-Game #17
a fast past game of space fleet battles, wages across the solar system

Spanish Battleship Pelayo 1:200
Paper Model of Spanish Battleship Pelayo in 1:200 scale

Spanish Civil War
A great and simple strategic level game

Spanish ironclad Numancia Full-hull 1:200
Paper Model Spanish ironclad Numancia Full-hull in 1:200 scale

Special Forces
Action plays-out like a Hollywood action movie, instead of a slow-paced number crunching wargame

straight forward skirmish type game - can be very quick. Nice artwork.
Special Forces: Counter-Terrorist Warfare in the Modern Age
Game of close combat in the modern era

Very simple but gives great fun! I really enjoy it!


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