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PF-321 1937 Snowcat
PF-321 1937 Snowcat paper model for 25/28mm Pulp gaming

Excellent little model.
Poland Betrayed
Simulation of the 1939 German invasion of Poland

Poland Crushed!
German invasion of Poland

excellent treatment of the oft overlooked first campaign of ww2
Remagen 1945
Battle for the Remagen bridge.

Great game. How many games have SS Frogmen and V-2 rockets?
Roma Defendenda Est
Battle for Rome, September 1943

The spaces around Central Rome were too tiny. I think a special extra map is needed.
Rommel at Gazala
Quick-playing game with a simple, accessible system

Good basic game of the battles around Tobruck
Russian Troops WW2 Guards Set
Paper model

Russian Troops WW2 Summer Set
Paper model

Russian Troops WW2 Winter Set
Paper model

They were amazing! Great detail! However too much for a sixth grader to use for his school project.
Siege of Leningrad
Computer version of Siege of Leningrad

$10.00 Sale


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