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Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters
Supplement to Fear and Faith

Korea: Race To Pusan
Fast playing game on the opening weeks of the Korean war

Kung Fu U 2, Mini-Game #51
Game of martial arts combat and fun times

Kung Fu U, Mini-game #11
Can your Kung Fu out shine your foe's skills

Lawyers, Guns & Money
Scenarios for Ambush Alley!

3 interesting scenarios of an excellent rule system. Recommended.
Little Stalingrad: Komsomolskoye, March 2000
Chechen forces seized the town from the Russians and held on for 10 days

Lomby Zombie
A tile-based, tactical, roleplaying game with a touch of humor

Mach Speed Hunters
Aerial Combat in the Modern Age

Excellent balance between playability and complexity. I highly recommend.
Marine Air
An expansion to the Hornet Leader II game system

Good Addition to Hornet Leader II series, potential for a Falklands variant with all the Harriers but as with the entire seies a little over priced
Marines vs. Zombies
Exciting game for two or more players

Well presented, enjoyable game system, easy to add your own scenarios and characters


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