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Operation Dovecote: IDF Defenses Along the Suez, October, 1973
The 1973 Egyptian attack across the canal.

Operation Eisbar 1943
OPERATION EISBAR, the German operation to deny the British, Kos

Yet another Perry gem - you guys arn't related are you?
Operation Squad: World War Two
WWII Skirmish rules

Operation Westindien, Feb 1942
Simulates the devastating effects of the German U-boats in the Caribbean

Interesting subject. Okay map. Counters range from functional to unusual. Americans need a separate victory condition other than preventing the German's victory conditions.
A game of post-apocalyptic vehicular combat

Overlords: Fantasy Battlescape Wargame
Unique strategy wargame where players control an Overlord and a army of Monsters

P.A.G. Space Battles
Two player wargame played with cards

Paean: Athenian Army Counter Pack
Athenian Counters to use with Paean

Paean: Greek City Sate Wars
Fast, fun and enjoyable ancient wargame rules

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