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Official SuperSystem Character and Team Dossiers
53 pages of Supersystem Characters and Teams

A nice little freebee that helps enjoyment of the super system
Olympic Archery
A statistical replay game based on the sport of archery

Simple yet realistic game about olympic archery, very interesting the rating of the archers and the optional rules. Grat job Roberto!
Olympic Badminton
Statistical replay game on Olympic Badminton

Not so intuitive mechanism to simulate this sport, but this is the reason why this game is so intriguing. The PFS and PAS ratings are a great idea. Great job Roberto!
Olympic Baseball and Softball
Statistical replay game of Olympic Baseball and Softball

Great game, simple yet interesting. The HF and HA ratings are the core of this game. Great job Roberto!
$3.00 Sale
Olympic Basketball
A statistical replay game Olympic basketball

The system is not so intuitive, but it is a great basketball simulation with a few die rolls and extremely well thought tables. Great job Roberto!
$3.00 Sale


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