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Space opera, exploration, political intrigue, espionage and military rpg setting rolled into one

Alien Zombie Tentacle Apocalypse
B-movie archetypes, trying to escape the apocalypse

Alien Zombie Tentacle Apocalypse expansion
Expansion for Alien Zombie Tentacle Apocalypse

Black Death v1.01
Each player is a different strain of disease in 14th century Europe, and whoever racks up the highest body count wins

Lost the cards to a published copy I bought way back when. The quality and ease of the files to print is outstanding.
An advanced gameworld for the EABA RPG

Each player tries to complete the most inane, pigheaded stunts possible

fun for the whole family
Dumbass supplement
Make your own Dumbass cards

EABA Fires of Heaven v1.0
A massive 426 page gameworld for EABA RPG

EABA Rune Stryders v1.0
A massive 300+ page gameworld for EABA

EABA v1.1
RPG system that is realistic, heroic, fast, and flexible



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